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The media landscape is changing faster than ever before. People are engaging with more TV and Internet content. Connected TV, including BVOD, Catch-up and Streaming TV, are transforming how people consume TV. We have them all covered in a single, rapid response platform. Engage TV provides more opportunities for independent and digital agencies to make smarter TV and media decisions for their clients.

EngageTV enables your agency and clients to launch high impact TV campaigns across all devices from the largest TV screens to mobile screens everywhere. With a simple process and fast response, EngageTV delivers better TV buying solutions.

EngageTV is most effective for campaigns where:

What you get:

Reliable pricing and margin management for Agencies.


Comprehensive Reporting

TV Advertising

TV advertising that’s more targeted, transparent and cost effective.

Highly Targeted

Target big and small audiences accurately.

Daily Reporting

Completed views by time, area, network, device and cost delivered daily.

No Contracts

No lock-in contracts, no cancellation penalties.

Always Optimised

Delivery and costs optimised across network and target audiences based on real-time intelligence

TV Reimagined

EngageTV Technology

EngageTV’s technology platform is well established with over 10 years of investment and development. It’s safe, reliable and secure. 

EngageTV delivers accurate audience targeting, real-time bidding and automation, with daily delivery reporting.

Targeting and delivery can be adjusted  to an individual postcode level. For the first time high impact TV advertising is available to companies of all sizes. 

You are only charged for ads that have been completely viewed. There is no charge for incomplete or skipped views. Delivery and viewability integrity is monitored 24/7 by 3rd party auditors.

EngageTV also provides agency partners with the latest innovations across Advanced TV, with priority access to new formats and enhanced data modelling. Priority access to media innovation and other benefits are also passed on to our agency partners.

EngageTV is a whitelisted platform that can be branded by media, creative and strategic advertising agencies. All campaign data can be exported to your own media reporting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Connected TV (CTV) is simply a television that connects to the internet. Unlike traditional TV, CTV includes Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, devices like Foxtel and Fetch TV and gaming consoles like X-Boxes and PlayStations. More than 54% of Australian households have online ready, Smart TVs. Usage will be practically universal in 10 years.

BVOD stands for broadcaster video-on-demand, which is the content and programming made available on-demand by the TV broadcasters. Broadcasters such as 7,9,10,SBS and Foxtel offer advertising opportunities for advertisers. BVOD includes content played by users on any device.

The entire category, referred to as Advanced TV, is Australia’s fastest growing media segment. BVOD viewership passed 50 billion viewer minutes in 2019. In 2020 networks are recording a lift of viewing by at least 48% on 2019 viewership.

Australia’s networks have also seen a boom in Connected TV in 2020 with Channel 10 claiming 61% of 10 Play’s live stream viewing now occurs on a Connected TV.

For advertisers this means CTV and BVOD together gives advertisers the ability to reach many Australians within quality content with the added functionality digital delivery provides.

Because CTV/BVOD advertising is sent digitally we are able to access all the advantages and targeting metrics of other digital marketing. We can target via location, life-cycle, demographics, interests and purchase intent. Your ads are only sent to households or devices that most closely match your desired targeted audiences. Less wastage. More targeted. More cost efficient.

EngageTV is an Australian advertising network that brings together the best innovation within CTV/BVOD buying into a single, easy to use platform. EngageTV offers a faster, cheaper and more accountable way to buy into Australia’s fastest growing TV market.

Once you register with EngageTV you will be able to submit a brief through the My Campaign section of the website. You can use the campaign builder or simply upload an existing brief.

There is no commitment to go ahead with a brief. If you are running a campaign with us and want to cancel, you can. You only pay for the advertising that has run.

On campaign commencement you will receive a dedicated reporting link. Your completed ad views by location, device, BVOD network and the cost are supplied every day.

Ideally, however we do offer advertisers creative services that are affordable and can get you up and running quickly.

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