EngageTV is a leader in moving brands from linear TV to CTV/BVOD advertising. EngageTV helps advertisers take advantage of CTV/BVOD, in a way that’s profitable and leads the market.

EngageTV solves the issue of increasing fragmentation across TV including the CTV and BVOD landscape; delivering a single strategy across all channels.

We specialise in the deployment of large and sophisticated campaigns where audiences and their needs change from region
to region, down to the postcode level.

We target by audience, interest, time of day, postcode, devices and frequency. We also provide full integration with CMS, CRM, Audience systems including Salesforce and HubSpot.

We optimise your CTV/ BVOD Investment and manage reach and frequency across multiple buying platforms based on a cost per completed view.

We provide integrated real time reporting of campaign delivery and business insight across all CTV/BVOD providers including YouTube.


We cover  the entire CTV and BVOD universe. Sophisticated and dynamic audience targeting. Real-time reporting and insights to postcode level. We only charge for completed CTV and BVOD views.

Local. Trusted. Brand safe.


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Multi Layered Audience Targeting

Third Party Data

We access more than 70 different data sources that match campaign requirements. Audiences can be defined by past purchases, interests, and what they are in market purchasing.

Incremental Reach

We can target people that watched a specific ad through state-of-the-art tv recognition technology.

With a 90 day lookback, we can access the top 1000 Australian TV advertisers, including products to categories and shows.

Household Extension

After the TVC is served, we can track and target all devices within the household, continuing the message and frequency while driving brand engagement.


Comprehensive Reporting

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